Aid Kenya Watoto e.V.

Through partnerships locally and internationally we will empower staff, parents, guardians and the surrounding community in Kenya to build the future for the deaf. By partnering with Aid Kenya Watoto you will be a crucial part in the construction of the first deaf school in south coast of Kenya, providing students with sponsorships so that they may attend school, and creating a healthy environment to prepare deaf students for secondary, vocational and collegiate programs.


It was January 2012, when the journey to Kenya began as Tino traveled to a small village in the South Coast

our vision

Our ultimate goal is to facilitate the growth and development of a full government school through infrastru


Partnerships are what make our work with the deaf in Kenya possible. Without you none of this would be a re


It is important to us as on organization that all of your funds reach the children and support the work tha

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Stay updated with the latest news, student activities, weekly learning, extracurricular training, competitions, construction and so much more!

Fundraising Vernissage

Amazing Fundraising Vernissage to support deaf Kids in Kenya! On Saturday July 15th, 2017, a Vernissage took place at Galerie Voss in Düsseldorf to raise some funds for our deaf kids in Kenya. Many pictures have been sold, but there are still some pictures available, view the catalog at and send us an email with the

Jul 20, 2017 Admin


First day of sports competitions. We had a day of running laps and relay races against other deaf schools in the county. Our kids got many first, second and third place wins!

Mar 31, 2016 Admin


Our boys competing in a relay race. Ponda really pushing for a spot in the top three! Our boys competing in a relay race. Ponda really pushing for a spot in the top three! Posted by Aid Kenya Watoto e.V. on Mittwoch, 30. März 2016

Mar 31, 2016 Admin

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